I Say Hello :)

I Say Hello :)

Welcome in my magical world!

I'm glad to find you here too!

I have no idea what I will say, what I will present to you but I hope you will help me too. 

I don't know what structure the blog will have, maybe I will make an introduction of the new collections when they appear.....Well, maybe I should start with a presentation. :)

I'm not magic, I'm not a mystery, I'm not even sure I can call myself an artist or a designer but my life comes down to creating contemporary jewelry, nonconformist by definition. 

Why nonconformist?! Because in my vision it is that jewel out of the ordinary, because I don't like lines, much less a dozen jewels. 

That's about it here! I'll take it step by step and until I realize how it works I hope I don't make fun of myself in front of many people :) 

Black Statement Necklace with Onyx

Details Black Statement Necklace with Onyx

And how sometimes there are days when you can't find your words, so use the words of others or let the flowers and colors speak for you. 

Something more earthy :) 

Statement red poppy earrings

Blue statement poppy earrings

Of course, most likely I made the wrong choice between two completely different styles.

See you soon and I wish you a fabulous summer.... but until I return don't forget to check the news in the store, stocks are constantly moving.

Big hug,

Cristiana from Pi Arte!

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